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About Us


Love Paws Soul: Providing Love and Care to Pets and People in Need

Founded in 2017, Love Paws Soul is a compassionate organization dedicated to ensuring the well-being of both animals and humans experiencing housing insecurity. From providing nourishing food and treats to offering boarding and daycare services, we go above and beyond to make a difference in our client’s lives and the community.


In 2020, we took our mission to the streets with our 'Made With Love' program, bringing homemade meals directly to homeless individuals while also supplying essential hygiene products for both them and their pets. 


Throughout this journey, we have been hard at work establishing a rescue location. We are thrilled to announce our upcoming revamp and share this exciting new chapter with our community. 


Join us today in making a meaningful impact. Together, we can make a difference.


Meet Our Crew! 

About Cammy

Meet Cammy, the passionate founder and President of Love Paws Soul. With over 20 years of experience in Animal Welfare. From veterinary care to pet crematoriums, Cammy has dedicated her life to helping animals in need. Her ultimate goal? To empty the shelters, create a sanctuary for animals, and leave a positive impact on the world. With a heart full of compassion, she aims to rescue every pet until there are no more in need of saving.


Beyond her work, Cammy finds joy in her hobbies, which include hiking alongside her four-legged companions, writing, dancing, gaming, and even engaging in conversations with cows. She also finds solace in stargazing, cherishing the wonders of the universe.

Join Love Paws Soul on our quest to create a better world for our furry friends and witness the incredible journey we embark on to rescue and protect our furry friends!
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